Sermon Series:  Let Us Pray

Prayer. It is as essential as it is neglected. We all seem to struggle in our prayer life. Maybe we are too busy or just don’t feel very good at it. Maybe we think God is too busy or that He doesn’t care about the things we pray about. Maybe we have ‘tried’ prayer before but it didn’t go the way we thought it should, so we just shelved it. Whatever the reasons, many of us feel like our prayer life is running on empty.

We will be addressing the issue of prayer openly and honestly in our summer series, “Let Us Pray”. We will be discussing the struggles that are common with prayer. We will also learn about the different kinds of prayer as well as learn from the stories of those who prayed them in the scriptures. Through this series we will discover how God both desires and delights in our longing to draw near to him in prayer and will meet everyone who calls on His name.

Join us Sunday, 9 a.m. at Dillman Church as we answer God’s call to meet with Him in the dialogue of prayer. Let Us Pray!