Sermon Series: 

love & Redemption

We have all made mistakes. Sometimes we feel like the choices we made have doomed us for life. But is that true? In this new series “Love & Redemption” we journey with some folks whose decisions cost them dearly but they discovered they were not beyond redeeming love. Come join us as we learn about God’s amazing love for broken people and his unrelenting desire to redeem what is broken.

Matt Kennedy Podcast

The Matt Kennedy Podcast is a weekly, 20 minute journey released every Monday designed to help us kick off our day/week right by inviting God into the business of our life for the nourishment of our soul. I started this podcast because Life is Busy and God is Important and I never want to let the business of this life push out, drown out, crowd out the most important relationship of all; the one we have with the Almighty God.

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